How to register and configure connected units?

Written By Markus Solberg (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 16th, 2023

All units are automatically identified by the system. But for eScore to know how many targets, antennas and shooter monitors that belongs to the system, we need to register them.

By doing this we know how many units to expect, and the system will immediately tell if not all units are powered on or there is an issue with one of the units. The range status is available by the eStatus page.

How to register connected units

First, you need to access the eHub user interface. And then go to "Settings" page.

Click or tap "configure connected units" to expand.Normally all targets has been pre-configured with correct target numbers, so all you need to do is scroll down to "REGISTER CURRENT UNITS" and click the button. All these units will be registered to belong to this system. When checking for status, it will expect these units to be powered on and working, if not you will get warnings or alarms.


Assign targets to specific lane numbers

It is possible to change or alter the pre-configure lane number if needed.

Decision Tree

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In Settings->"Configure connected units", it is possible to register connected units and assign lane numbers to targets.

Unregistered units

For unregistered units, you need to click or tap the plus icon to add the target to the registered units. We will suggest the default value that has been pre-configured, but it is possible to re-assign to another lane number.

Registered units

Fore registered units, you can click or tap to expand, and assign a new lane number.