How to configure and setup WinGPS Cloud?

Written By Markus Solberg (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 13th, 2022



You need an active WinGPS Cloud subscription to be able to use the WinGPS Cloud spectator view service available at
Please contact to get more information or to purchase a subscription. 

Locate the username and password from the e-mail received by Kongsberg Target Systems.

Go to the settings page on the eHub and click or tap "Cloud" to expand.

Username and password

Enter username and passord received from Kongsberg Target Systems, and live internet spectator viewing will be up and running for your system.


If your shooting range has multiple physical locations, you need to specify the location ID. If you only got one location, please use location Id 1.



If your indoor range and outdoor range are located at two different locations, you need to separate them with different location Ids. 


A range is a firing line and target line linked together. For instance a 100yd range and a 600yd range may be two different ranges.


Example of how customer name, location name and range name is listed on WinGPS Cloud.