U7E eScore Target Manual

U7E Information, maintenance guide and part list

Written By Hardware (Administrator)

Updated at May 10th, 2023

Introduction to U7E

The U7E eScore target is a next generation electronic target based on acoustic sensors. It works well with supersonic ammunition and is designed to be placed at 100-200 meter ranges. The U target has all electronics and sensors placed at the bottom of the target making it extremely robust when placed correctly (behind a berm or with protective plates).

Features of the U7E target

  • 3 acoustic sensors, all placed at the bottom of the target
  • Horizontal and vertical rubber bands available
  • Manual rotation of rubber bands
  • Additional armor is recommended
  • Wide range of target faces are available
  • Guide pin design allows swift change of target face, without need for additional zero point adjustment.
  • Can be used with a wide range of supersonic calibers - from .223 to .338LM and more

Technical specifications and dimensions


1160 mm 


1300 mm 


500 mm 


300 mm 


68 mm 


36 mm 


92 mm 


155 mm 


Temperature range -30 to +60 °C
Weight ~ 25 kg
Power consumption ~ 4 W  @ 24 VDC
Calibers Supersonic projectiles


U Target exploded view and parts list

Exploded view Below is an exploded view of the components used in a regular eScor...

Exploded view

Below is an exploded view of the components used in a regular eScore U- target. 

Part list

ID Description
1 Target frame with hatches, cables, acoustic and temperature sensors and target electronics 
5 Front temperature shield (Variants available dependent of target face)
6 Rear temperature shield
7 Expanded plastic sheet with rubber (Variances according to cutout in Front temperature shield)
8 Target face (Contact your Kongsberg Target Systems dealer for available options)
9 Guide pin nuts (x8)
10 Target top cover
11 Measurement assembly with target electronics, wiring and 3x acoustic sensors



U target disassembly






Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance intervals U7E

Recommended maintenance intervals of the H1E-target The recommended rule of thumb

The recommended rule of thumb rotation intervals are given in the following table:

Shooting distance Rotational frequency
100 m After 500 rounds
200 m After 800 rounds
300 m After 1500 rounds

Note that the table above assumes normal full jacketed bullets and relatively good groupings. If groupings are large the intervals can be even longer.

To find information about maintenance and repairs, expand the tabs below or locate your favorite article on docs.kongsbergtargets.com (opens in new tab)


Maintaining sensors (When replacing rubber band(s))

Maintain sensors on U targets

Maintainenance of sensors on eScore U targets Equipment needed - Small brush Proc...

Maintainenance of sensors on eScore U targets

Equipment needed

- Small brush


Step 1 - Remove target face and temperature screen:

Remove top rain cover

Unscrew the four front guide pin nuts

Remove target face and temperature screen


Step 2 - Open service panel

Open the service lid by releasing the two rubber straps on the front of the target service hatch. Lift the lid up to access electronics compartment.

Rubber straps keeps the service hatched closed. Right side is released

Lifting the service hatch reveals electronics and sensors. (U-target)

For H-targets the sensors are only placed in the bottom corners, not in the center.


Step 3  - Check sensors

  • Visually inspect the sensors
  • Lightly touch the sensors to ensure that they are correctly fastened. 
  • Use a small brush to wipe away debris that may have landed on top of the sensors.

Sensor with debris


Step 4 - close service panel

Close the service panel by attaching the two rubber bands. 

Ensure a tight seal around the hatch, both straps must be used.


Step 5 - Attach temperature screen and target face

  • Install the temperature screen first by entering all four guide pins. 
    Ensure that the rubber side of the foam faces forward.

  • Install the target face on the four alignment pins. 


The target face may be orientation sensitive!

Ensure that the orientation is correct! - If center marks / engraving on the target face are visible, they shall face towards the shooter. If partnumber is engraved on the target face it shall be oriented so that the text is readable in the upright position

  • Fasten the four guide pin nuts by hand. There is no need to use excessive force while fastening these nuts.
  • Remember to re-attach the rain cover.





Protection of the U7E Target

How to protect the U7E Target from bullets and ricochets

Protecting the eScore acoustic target

The eScore targets have the critical electronics located at the bottom of the tar

The targets have the most critical electronic components located at the bottom of the target - behind the service panel. To minimize maintenance cost and maintain the targets durability it is recommended to protect this section of the target by the use of a knee wall or protective plates.

Please refer to this YouTube video for recommendations on how to install the targets.


Protection from ricochets and shrapnel

Some ranges are using a backstop that creates some shrapnel when bullets hit the bullet catchers. This should be avoided since the cables running between the targets and to the upper sensors of the H-target can be cut or short circuited by shrapnel or bullet jackets. To minimize the effects careful placement of the wiring between targets, antennas, batteries etc. must be done. If a bullet catcher is used, make sure to cover it with rubber material or other absorbent material to minimize ricochets and shrapnel exiting the bullet catcher.